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Aviation Seminars is now offering Live Zoom Seminars. Live Seminars will now be offered on an ongoing basis throughout the month, with alternating East Coast and West Coast class times. Class dates and schedule are located in the table below…

Now you can experience the same Dynamic, Live Seminars that Aviation Seminars is known for…from the comfort of your home. Class sizes will be limited to 10 students to make certain that you receive the same personal attention, so register today to secure your spot!

For just $300 you get top quality FAA ground school instruction, on-line course manual (printed version available), immediate updates on FAA computer exam questions, and in-person instruction that teaches content first, then answers test questions. Aviation Seminars has broken the FAA test into individual subject areas (see Topics Covered below). We teach each of those subjects individually, followed by a review of FAA Test Questions from that subject area. This ensures that not only do you receive instruction in each of the FAA Exam Subject areas, but you will be familiarized with how the FAA will question you on those subjects. This review also makes certain that the class understands each subject fully before moving on to the next subject

Upcoming Zoom Seminars

DateTimezoneCourseTimesRegistration Link
   Oct 24-Oct 25, 2020      Central      Instrument, Instrument Instructor      Sat 8:00-6:00, Sun 8:00-4:00 Central      Registration Link   
   Oct 24-Oct 25, 2020      Pacific      Private, Commercial, Sport Pilot, Part 107      Sat 8:00-6:00, Sun 8:00-4:00 Pacific      Registration Link   

Private/Commercial/Sport/Part 107 Course Contents

  • Federal Aviation regulations
  • Aerodynamics and Aircraft Operations
  • Navigation
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Aeronautical Information Manual
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Weight and Balance
  • Weather Theory
  • Weather Reports and Forecasts

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Instrument/Instrument Instructor Course Content

  • Preflight and Departure
  • En-route and Arrival
  • Approach and Landing
  • Radio Navigation
  • Aircraft Navigation
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Flight Planning
  • Weather Theory
  • Weather Reports and Forecasts

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