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Review Course – $149 (No Testing Endorsement Provided)

If you already have your pilot certificate, you can attend any of our Private Pilot Test Preparation programs as a review of the newest VFR Subjects. This is a great way to prepare for an upcoming Flight Review. Our FAA Test Preparation program covers all the current knowledge requirements contained in 14 CFR 61.56 (Flight Reviews). Subjects covered during the class include:

• Part 91 Federal Aviation Regulations
• Aerodynamics and Aircraft Operations
• Navigation (Including GPS)
• Aircraft Instruments
• Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
• Aircraft Performance
• Weight and Balance
• Weather Theory
• Weather Reports and Forecasts

Chances are, a lot has changed since the last time you reviewed this subject matter. This ground course is an important piece of a perfect re-current program that will make you a more current, knowledgeable and safer pilot in the process.

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Gentlemen, just a quick note to thank you guys for the seminar last weekend provided by COACH RON !!! It worked out and I passed my test today. Please pass along my compliments to Ron. - Juergen
I just passed my written exam for the Instrument rating this morning after spending Sat & Sun in Mr. Hennessey's class at T. Black Aviation in Tampa (St. Pete). I got a 95%! Mr. Hennessey asked that we provide our feedback to Aviation Seminars... I was very happy with the class. I like that the course was taught point-by-point (rather than just playing a video for each segment.) We covered each topic thoroughly without ever getting off track - time was managed very efficiently. Mr. Hennessey possesses the skill of being both no-nonsense and very pleasant to work with. You can tell that he holds himself to a standard of excellence, and I've always found this to be contagious. I will recommend this course to anyone who is serious about doing well on their written exam. If I were to offer any constructive criticism - it would only be to consider hitting the Navigation (VOR, RMI, HSI, ADF) earlier in the day rather than later. After several hours into the course on Saturday, my brain was failing on simple calculations that I'd expect to do better on with fresh eyes. However, we have to perform at our best in the cockpit even when we're tired - so perhaps that was all part of the plan! T. Black's facility is top notch - very comfortable and pleasant environment. I\'ve used them before and will again. I would rate the entire experience as Excellent. - Linda
Dave,The course material was done very well. Mr. Toth was exceptional. He took his time and answered any questions we had. He was enthusiastic about each us becoming better, safer pilots.I took the IFR written last night at ATP at Toball Jet Center. I passed with a score of 87. The class was exactly what I needed to better understand the test process and the style of questioning.Please tell Mr. Toth I appreciate his effort very much. - Terry
Hi guys, passed the written today. Mrs. Boyce was a great help and I would not have passed it without her. I'll be recommending the class to everyone I encounter. - Aaron
Dave, Thanks for your help last evening. The practice test were a great help. I took my Commercial Airplane test today and passed with 86 percent. Irv did a great job this past weekend. Thanks again. - Dan

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