Dave, Donna and I finally took our PP written test this morning, I scored a 93% and Donna scored a 80% - Scott and Donna
I attended the course in Michigan a couple of weeks ago. It was a wonderful weekend and the class was not only informative but enjoyable. Dan is a wonderful instructor and I truly appreciate his time and effort in making sure everyone understood the information. I passed the private pilot written exam and now getting ready for the oral exam with the FAA examiner. Many Thanks!! - Teresa
I attended this seminar last weekend ( 5/4-5/5) with George Toth as our instructor. Mr. Toth is an incredible instructor and your seminar was fantastic! I am excited to tell you that I sat for the exam today and passed with a 93!! I am convinced that the only reason I was able to accomplish this was because of the detailed and concise written material and with the patient instruction of Mr. Toth. I am ecstatic that I learned of this seminar as I am convinced my results (and confidence going into the exam) would have been significantly lower. Please let Mr. Butler, and everyone associated with this seminar, know how grateful I am for this seminar. Lastly, please let George Toth know how thankful I am for his clear and patient instruction. He is a first class instructor. Thank you for everything! - Jim
Took your class in Jacksonville this weekend with John Slate. It was a great experience and I passed the test yesterday evening with a 80. I am sure you guys have plenty of references but if you need another I would gladly do so. When it come time for the insturment test I will be using you again. - Matt
Dave,The course material was done very well. Mr. Toth was exceptional. He took his time and answered any questions we had. He was enthusiastic about each us becoming better, safer pilots.I took the IFR written last night at ATP at Toball Jet Center. I passed with a score of 87. The class was exactly what I needed to better understand the test process and the style of questioning.Please tell Mr. Toth I appreciate his effort very much. - Terry
I just wanted to thank you again for the great class you held @ Indi month before last. I'm pleased to report that I was able to pass the test on my first try and felt quite comfortable that I was ready. It was a pleasurable experience using this service. I have and will continue to recommended you to fellow non-IFR rated pilots. Thanks again and have a great fall season. - David
Hi Dave, I took the FAA knowledge test on fri, and passed with a score of 88. Thanks to you and AV SEM for all the help. I feel like I still need to learn lots more, so I will continue to do so, but at least I have accomplished this major step! - Steve
Took test today. 99%. Missed 1. Must have mis-read chart. - Ray
Hello Dave, Third of three weekends with Aviation Seminars, another written in the bag! I think if I had waited until October I would have had my 'customary' score in the nineties but even with very limited prep time I was able to pass at 83%!!! Your seminars work exactly as intended, get prepped and pass the test. I usually give clear expectations to my flight instructors about focusing on the long-term memory stuff, so I find it a great combination... - Daniel
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Instrument class last weekend. Irv presented the material very clearly and took the time to go thru and explain in detail. It was a particular pleasure for me because I first met Irv in 1971 when we were in the Army reserve unit, the 11th Special Forces Group. Needless to say, I had a great time catching up with him - Geoff
Enjoyed the course study program that Al Collins put on in Birmingham this passed weekend. He did a really good job and was very helpful. After almost 30 years AVS still in my opinion is the best course of study to take the FAA test. - Jay
Dave -Just wanted to report that I passed the Written today - thanks to your seminar. My score was a 90%. I saw two questions that must have been new adds. Irv Bolm is a top notch instructor and my 'hats off' for the great outlines that made my success a reality!Thanks. - Kirk
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