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Online Test Prep Seminar Part 107 Only – $229 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t pass the FAA Exam, you don’t pay.*

*You can request cancellation and refund from your Online Test Prep up until you reach 50% completion.  If you fail the test after graduation from the course, send us your Failed Test Report dated after completion of the class, and we will issue you a 100% refund — or we’ll keep working with you until you pass the test.


Aviation Seminars has been hard at work for over 40 years developing programs that prepare students with the knowledge required to become safe and confident pilots. This is the same information that will allow UAS/UAV operators to operate safely within the same National Airspace System.

For the last several years, Aviation Seminars has been privately offering our top quality instruction to corporations such as Northrop Grumman, Los Alamos National Laboratory and many other Local and State agencies, preparing their UAS/UAV operators with the same knowledge required by FAA . This program is now available to you to fully cover 14 CFR 61.107 – Remote Pilot Operations.

12 Hours of video content.

Topics covered Include:

  • Part 107 Applicability
  • Remote Pilot Regulations
  • Airspace
  • Airport Operations
  • Sectional Charts
  • sUAS Performance
  • sUAS Operations
  • Aviation Weather Theory
  • Aviation Weather Reports and Forecasts
  • Physiology and ADM
  • Subpart C Certification


What to Expect

Aviation Seminars filmed a special Part 107 course and digitalized the content.  With crystal clear audio and video, and stunning visuals, we bring our Live Classroom program to your screen.  Download a copy or have us ship you the course books (including the FAA Computer Testing Supplement), sit back and watch the seminar at the time that works best for you.

 Video Based Content

⋅ Dynamic Presentations featuring Digital Graphics, Videos and Classroom Participation, instructor by one of Aviation Seminars Chief Instructor, Kim Barnes. 

⋅ Kim is a highly experienced a Flight Instructor and former Airline Pilot, with thousands of hours of ground training provided to students just like you!


⋅ Classroom Participation, Onscreen Tools, Subject Reviews and Online Practice Exams

⋅ Each course includes 1 hr of telephone support with an Experienced CFI and Ground Instructor.  Get that additional help from a live CFI if you need it!

 Logbook and Testing Endorsements Included

⋅ $229 Seminar tuition includes the endorsements you need under Part 61.

 Train When Convenient

⋅ View & Complete Sessions 24/7 – whenever you’re available

⋅ Start and Resume Sessions at any time, Aviation Seminars tracks your progress automatically

⋅ Use the course for up to 12 months after purchase.  Prepare for your practice exam and review the course prior to your check-ride.

LIVE ZOOM Part 107 (Part 107 Only)

For $300, Aviation Seminars is now offering a a Stand-Alone Part 107 specific Zoom program.  This program is ONLY for Part 107 students and is not combined with Private Pilot Students. This method allows for a shorter more specific program for Part 107 applicants. Unlike the combined program below, you will not have additional study requirements outside of the Zoom Seminar.


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Topics covered Include:

Class runs Saturday 8:00-2:00 and Sunday from 8:00-2:00.


Aviation Seminars has broken the FAA knowledge into individual subject areas. We teach each of those subjects individually, followed by a review of FAA Test Questions from that subject area. This ensures that not only do you receive instruction in each of the FAA Exam Subject areas, but you will also get a chance to review the question in those subjects. This review also makes certain that the class understands each subject fully before moving on to the next subject.


There is personal attention in small groups – your questions get answered. You may re-attend for review purposes without cost within 1 year of your original attendance.


Looking for Aviation Seminars to run a program for your company?  Call us at 800-257-9444 for details…
Classes conducted for:

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Do you have multiple operators/staff interested in a class? Please call our office at 800-257-9444 to discuss the possibility of setting up a private class at the date of your choosing at your own location.



I got a 97 on the test, thanks to you and Irv! - Jeffrey
Hello Dave, Third of three weekends with Aviation Seminars, another written in the bag! I think if I had waited until October I would have had my 'customary' score in the nineties but even with very limited prep time I was able to pass at 83%!!! Your seminars work exactly as intended, get prepped and pass the test. I usually give clear expectations to my flight instructors about focusing on the long-term memory stuff, so I find it a great combination... - Daniel
I took your CFII seminar on 21 and 22 January 2012 at Montgomery Field, San Diego. I enjoyed the course and the instructor and tried to follow your advice for studying and test preparation as closely as possible. The week following the seminar, I took 1 or 2 practice tests per day. My practice scores slowly increased from 75% to 88%. The following Monday (8 days after the course), I took my CFII written and received an 86% score. I would recommend your program to others. - Steve
When I first began studying for my instrument written exam, I was humbled by the amount of information and technical specificity. I was often frustrated and found the learning curve to be quite steep. I am not a casual student. I throw myself completely into the subject I am studying with an intent to understand the concepts, not just pass the test. After several months of study, I was understanding the concepts but having trouble with the practice tests. After taking your instrument prep class in Fort Lauderdale, I scored a 97% on my exam on December 10, 2012. With that behind me, I can now concentrate clearly on my flight training without the exam hanging over my head. THANK YOU Aviation Seminars and THANK YOU Marty Calano!!! - Michael
Hi guys, passed the written today. Mrs. Boyce was a great help and I would not have passed it without her. I'll be recommending the class to everyone I encounter. - Aaron

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