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Additional Resources

Aviation Seminars recommends the ASA Test Prep Book. The ASA Test Prep Manuals are an excellent additional resource to go along with our live classroom course manual. The ASA Test Prep contains many more of the FAA written exam questions that you will see in the live class room, cross referenced by test question number, with clear explanations that will help you more fully understand how to answer test questions correctly. FREE SHIPPING!

Aviation Seminars Online Test Prep. Add the Aviation Seminars Online Test Prep to your Live Classroom Experience. This resource will allow you to review the course information that you learned during the Seminar at home, after the course. The OTP will activate after your attendance of the live classroom seminar, and will be available for 1 full year after your attendance. Regular Price: $229 Add-on price: $79.

Flight Training Apps - Online Training. Add Flight Training Apps to your Course.

  • NEW: Flight Training Apps Checkride Prep Course. Over 2 hours of in-flight video, presenting you with the Flight Maneuvers that will be required during your Private Pilot Practical Test.
  • Ground/Oral Portion, sit through a Mock Oral Checkride with a actual FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. More than one hour of video, showing you a realistic enactment of a checkride oral conducted by an FAA designated pilot examiner and a student pilot. This app also includes insights from an examiner and instructor to give you a full understanding of what to expect on your Private Pilot practical test.
  • Additional Offerings: Are you wanting a no non-sense approach to learning the Garmin GNS430/530W or GARMIN GTN 650/750? Flight Training Apps has developed two great courses to teach you the In's and Out's of these popular Garmin Units.

  • More Info, Including Sample Videos... Order now and Save $10 off of the regular price programs.

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