Quick Takes: Plane goes Viral for Runway Overrun

November 12, 2023 Written by; Aviation Seminars

In a startling incident on Saturday that has since gone viral, a light aircraft attempting an emergency landing, overshot its runway at an airport on the northern outskirts of Dallas, Texas, and crashed through a fence before colliding with a car.

The aircraft, which had taken off from Midland, 330 miles west of Dallas, was aiming for a landing at Aero Country Airport. However, things took a dramatic turn when the plane failed to stop in time. Video footage captured the moment the aircraft skidded, bounced off the ground, and ultimately careened onto a nearby road.

In a heart-stopping near-miss, a black car driving along the road narrowly escaped impact. However, the aircraft wasn’t so fortunate with the next vehicle, colliding forcefully into its side.

Responders from the McKinney Fire Department were quick to the scene. They reported that both the pilot and the driver involved were checked for injuries. Fortunately, the driver sustained only minor injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Eyewitness Jack Schneider, who recorded the harrowing incident, shared his immediate thoughts: “I saw the airplane coming down the runway quickly… I knew that he wasn’t going to have time to stop. It was clearly going too fast, the tires were smoking.”

This incident has now drawn the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration, which has commenced an investigation into the circumstances leading to this dramatic and unusual collision.

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