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For just $429 you get top quality FAA ground school instruction, on-line course manual (printed version available), immediate updates on FAA computer exam questions, and in-person instruction that teaches content first, then answers test questions.Aviation Seminars has broken the FAA test into individual subject areas (see Topics Covered below). We teach each of those subjects individually, followed by a review of FAA Test Questions from that subject area. This ensures that not only do you receive instruction in each of the FAA Exam Subject areas, but you will be familiarized with how the FAA will question you on those subjects. This review also makes certain that the class understands each subject fully before moving on to the next subject. Class runs Saturday 8:00-6:00 and Sunday from 8:00-4:00.

There is personal attention in small groups - your questions get answered. 95% pass the test the first time. If you don't pass, re-attend the next class in your area, for free. If you still don't pass, get a 100% refund. After passing your exam, you may re-attend for review purposes without cost within 1 year of your original attendance. You can also re-attend for free within 1 year of your original attendance for a review if you pass the exam.   

PRIVATE PILOT - Course Contents

The Private Pilot exam contains 60 questions. These questions are chosen from over 900 questions in the exam database. You are allowed 2 1/2 hours to complete the exam.

UPDATE: Over the last year, FAA has greatly increased the difficulty of the FAA Exam. Due to these changes, we are no longer recommending Sunday as the best time to take the FAA Exam. Our suggestion is to wait to test until after taking a few of our on-line practice exams. This will help to guarantee that you pass the exam on your first try! Click here for more info.

Topics covered include:

• Federal Aviation Regulations
• Aerodynamics and Aircraft Operations
• Navigation
• Aircraft Instruments
• Aeronautical Information Manual
• Aircraft Performance
• Weight and Balance
• Weather Theory
• Weather Reports and Forecasts

Sample Private Pilot Question

An aircraft is loaded 110 pounds over maximum certificated gross weight. If fuel (gasoline) is drained to bring the aircraft within limits, how much fuel should be drained?


Remember, aviation fuel weighs six pounds per gallon. Therefore, if the aircraft is 110 pounds over the maximum, simply divide the 110 pounds of fuel by 6, and the correct answer is 18.4 gallons!

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Hi Dave, I want to let you know that I passed the test on Friday after sitting with Elbie for a few hours. Thank you for all your help and support along the way. Elbie really worked hard to help me out and the practice tests were quite valuable to me. I'm on my way! - Dana
Hello Dave, Third of three weekends with Aviation Seminars, another written in the bag! I think if I had waited until October I would have had my 'customary' score in the nineties but even with very limited prep time I was able to pass at 83%!!! Your seminars work exactly as intended, get prepped and pass the test. I usually give clear expectations to my flight instructors about focusing on the long-term memory stuff, so I find it a great combination... - Daniel
Just a note to let you know that I took the FAA written this past weekend and passed with a 90 on the Instrument and a 94 on the Instrument Instructor. There were several questions referencing GPS, and one on icing. The review class helped a great deal and Mr. Orr in San Diego did a great job. - R
Dave, Donna and I finally took our PP written test this morning, I scored a 93% and Donna scored a 80% - Scott and Donna
I would like to thank you for the seminar I took a couple of weeks ago. The instructor was great and I really improved my score. I passed last week with a score of 92%. Please pass on my congratulation to the instructor - Stephan

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