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Start your FIRC with Aviation Seminars – no strings attached. If this isn’t the best Online FIRC you’ve been through, quit at anytime.  Just let us know you want out and we’ll refund 100% of your payment at any point, up until Course Graduation.


Online FIRC ver. 3.0 – $125 (Includes IACRA Renewal Processing & TSA Certification)

Aviation Seminars has developed the first of it’s kind 100% video based on-line FIRC! Sit back, relax and enjoy each interactive topic as if you were there when it was filmed live at one of our actual live classroom FIRC’s!  Onscreen charts and graphics come alive within the presentation, allowing you to be more engaged, thus enhancing your understanding of the subject matter. Finally, the way on-line FIRC’s should be!

With Aviation Seminars you sit back, relax and WATCH the FIRC Sessions at your pace.  No more having to sit and flip through endless stacks of reading material. You can launch the video presentations on your favorite device (Desktop, Laptop, Phone or Tablet) and watch when it’s convenient for you!

Don’t have time to finish a full session? No problem, watch what you have time for and then come back and resume from where you left off.  Never before has a FIRC been this convenient.

What to Expect

 Video Based Content

⋅ All 15 Sessions Were Filmed Live at Aviation Seminars Classroom FIRCs

⋅ Dynamic Presentations featuring Graphics, Videos and Classroom Participation featuring 2 of Aviation Seminars Top FIRC Presenters


⋅ Hyperlinks, Graphs, Case Studies and Advisory Circulars Embedded throughout Sessions

⋅ Relevant content brings Videos and Subject Matter into Real World application

 IACRA Renewal Included

⋅ $125 FIRC tuition includes renewal of your certificate

⋅ No trip to FAA FSDO Necessary

⋅  Full Directions for Completing your Application and Support in getting your renewal processed

⋅ Renewal processed and temporary issued within 3 Business Days of FIRC completion

 Renew when convenient

⋅ View & Complete Sessions 24/7 – whenever you’re available

⋅ Start and Resume Sessions at any time, Aviation Seminars tracks your progress automatically

⋅ Renew up to three calendar months prior to your month of expiration

⋅ Complete FIRC at least 3 days prior to your expiration to guarantee processing of your renewal (most renewals are processed in less than 24 hours – if you need more time just let us know, we will work to accommodate your schedule)

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Great Job! I enjoyed the FIRC online and the flexibility that it allowed. Brian K. – Alaska
A fine course, great to have the opportunity to talk to the presenter on the phone. Steven S. – New York
At first I was reluctant to enroll in another online FIRC, because the last several online FIRC courses took me twice as long to complete. After starting your online FIRC, what a difference it made to be able to listen to the instructor and also to the class comments. This course is better than sitting in a class for two days, save on travel and hotel costs, etc. I did not have to travel and accomplished the course on my own time. Kim’s presentation style kept my attention, it was interesting, challenging and I learned to listen to his stories, because most likely there was an answers to some of the questions in his stories. Great job and presentation. Benjamin M. – Arizona
This was an outstanding presentation and process. Thank you. Patrick M. – Texas
I had never taken an online course before. I did enjoy the instruction immensely and I was able to download a tremendous amount of information and AC’s that I wouldn’t have while in the in-person class… William B. – Florida
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How it Works

    1. Register online (Click Here)
    2. Login and start first Session
    3. Complete Session Exam (Score 70% or better – Remedial Training is available if you don’t pass)
    4. Watch remaining Sessions and Complete Session Exams
    5. Submit Photo ID and CFI Certificate
    6. Complete IACRA
    7. Receive Graduation Certificate, TSA Certificate, Temporary Airman Certificate and FAA Wings Credits
    8. Get Permanent Certificate from FAA in 8-10 Weeks

Sessions Include:

  1. Pilot Deviations
  2. How to Teach Effectively and Build a Culture of Safety
    How to Give an Effective Flight Review and IPC
  4. WINGS and FAASTeam
  5. TSA Awareness and Renewal
  6. Security Related Special Use Airspace
  7. Regulatory Policy Update and Publication Changes
  8. Safety Trends in GA
  9. Loss of Control
  10. Navigation and Automation in the 21st Century
  11. Accepting Remote Pilot and Student Pilot Certificates
  12. ACS: What CFI’s Need to Know
  13. Ethics and Professionalism
  14. Keeping up with Airspace Changes


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*You can request cancellation and refund from your Online FIRC at any point until your Graduation Certificate is issued. Once your Graduation Certificate is issued your course fee can no longer be refunded.

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