This program is a blessing! I was so disappointed with how much [competitors] FIRCprogram has deteriorated. I wasted 4 hours on my firc renewal there and did not LEARN Anything there! It was boring and I felt like I was waiting for the timer to end. The best decision I ever made for LEARNING and knowledge... was to try your program. I was so engaged, I did NOT care about the time! What a difference ! The lecturers were engaging, knowledgeable, and amusing. The slide presentations were organized and educational. I LEARNEd MORE from your FIRC than any other. THaNK YOU !!! for making this course an online option, set at MY own pace. I will be recommending Aviation Seminars to all my previous students! Lori T. - Alabama
This was an outstanding presentation and process. Thank you. Patrick M. – Texas
Wow guys I was dreading getting this done online, but if I had known how good a product your team had created I would have not put it off so long. Great stuff and I loved the way I was kicked out of full screen when there was clarification or documents hyperlinked for us to review. Ignatious S. - Arizona
Tried several other FIRCs. Aviation Seminars is truly the best. Have been highly recommending to fellow pilots. Thanks Richard S. – Tennessee
I enjoyed the program and felt it was very well done. Mike M. – Indiana
In my 30 years as a flight instructor, I have had the opportunity to attend or complete many FIRCs from different vendors. This is the best I have ever attended. You made areas that I dreaded interesting and pertinent. Overall, the most timely one I have done. I have been out of circulation for a few years due to a health issue (since obtained my special issuance). You got me up to speed with the latest changes. The references you made to the old way of doing things made me feel right at home. I wish I had found you sooner. Joshua B. - North Carolina
Just great! Do not change anything! Gerrit P. – Europe
I had never taken an online course before. I did enjoy the instruction immensely and I was able to download a tremendous amount of information and AC’s that I wouldn’t have while in the in-person class… William B. – Florida
Great Job! I enjoyed the FIRC online and the flexibility that it allowed. Brian K. – Alaska
This was my first FIRC. I was hoping to avoid it by obtaining my CFI-I. Due to COVID restrictions that didn't work out. However, I'm glad I took this course because I feel like it wrapped my CFI training in a bow and provided information that I didn't already have. I feel as though it completed my CFI training. My opinion now is that I believe all newly minted CFI's should be mandated to take an FIRC and not be exempt by training students. Christopher N. - Florida
I would like to confirm to Aviation Seminars that your online FIRC I just completed was effective, informative and surprisingly fulfilling. I have been a faithful attendee at your weekend FIRCs for the past 17 yrs. I always looked forward to the experience of review and renewal with peers and their experiences to sharpen and clarify my instructional culture. However, this renewal season found me unable to schedule due to work/family conflicts. I was relieved to find that I could still attend online. I must say it was almost as though I was there with Kim Barnes and the class attendees. I heard and understood the discussion; I was able to follow along with the timely reference material; the testing process was efficient and interactive with appropriate feedback and as always, Aviation Seminars customer service was exemplary. Thank you for a great product and experience! Monte M. – Texas
This was a very enjoyable way to conduct my renewal, I'm glad I found your site! I've done renewals through a few of the other providers, however I really enjoyed the video version and included "click on" items as the course progressed. Kim, you guys did a fantastic job conducting and pacing the instruction, this was a great way to go for me, hope others that use your FIRC will agree!! Bill G. - California
This was my first time doing an on-line FIRC nd I was not convinced that it would be successful .... But to my surprise it was a great experience !! I will use you again in two years for sure !! Jerry L. - Georgia
Thank you for such a fantastic course! It's great for those of us who are visual learners. Sean R. - Hawaii
At first I was reluctant to enroll in another online FIRC, because the last several online FIRC courses took me twice as long to complete. After starting your online FIRC, what a difference it made to be able to listen to the instructor and also to the class comments. This course is better than sitting in a class for two days, save on travel and hotel costs, etc. I did not have to travel and accomplished the course on my own time. Kim’s presentation style kept my attention, it was interesting, challenging and I learned to listen to his stories, because most likely there was an answers to some of the questions in his stories. Great job and presentation. Benjamin M. – Arizona
I have enjoyed several FIRCs, taught by Mr. Kim Barnes. Using his class videos for the online FIRC was brilliant. Larry M. – Nevada
This was my first time doing the online method. As a military helicopter flight instructor, I found a lot of the fixed wing stuff very interesting and I think it increased my awareness of what is going on in the aircraft I am sharing the airspace with. Also, there were several regulatory changes that I was unaware of so the refresher helped me out in that regard. The sessions on Automation, and ADS-B were my favorites because of the relevancy to me. William P. – Alabama
Thank you. this was my first online FIRC and exceeded my expectations. Michael F. - Floria
A fine course, great to have the opportunity to talk to the presenter on the phone. Steven S. – New York
Great experience. I really appreciated the ease of the web site and its ability to be used with iPhone. William O. – Florida
I loved the online course and found it to be very effective. I am glad you have developed this online course and it came in handy saving me lots of time, money, stress and energy. Catherine B. – North Carolina
I just finished your on-line CFI Refresher course – What a great thing. It was informative, thorough and entertaining. In addition it was also quick and relatively easy for me to fit into my schedule. Robert S. – Michigan
I have renewed my CFI every two years since the 1970’s. This was the most enjoyable experience and most helpful Seminar I have ever completed. Being able to stop and review the material at home was very beneficial. Thank you! Patrick M. – Alaska
I loved it--Just what I was looking for! Quality video presentations that felt like I was in the live class, just taken at my own pace! Jeremy H. - Texas
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