FAA Ground Instructor Test Prep – $429

Need help passing  the Advanced or Basic Ground Instructor Knowledge Exam?  Our Private/Commercial Test Prep course will get you the knowledge to take and pass those exams!  Approximately 90% of the AGI and BGI Tests come from the combined Private and Commercial Knowledge Areas.  Take our class and self-study a few sections (about 45 minutes of work), and you can pass either the AGI or BGI Exam…here’s how it works…

For just $429 you get top quality ground instruction, on-line course manual (printed version available), immediate updates on FAA computer exam questions, in-person instruction which teaches content first, then answers test questions, personal attention in small groups – your questions get answered. 95% pass the first time. If you don’t pass, re-attend the next class in your area, for free. If you still don’t pass, get a 100% refund. After passing your exam, you may re-attend for review purposes without cost within 1 year of your original attendance. You can also re-attend for free within 1 year of your original attendance for a review if you pass the exam.

Aviation Seminars has broken the FAA test into individual subject areas (see Topics Covered below). We teach each of those subjects individually, followed by a review of FAA Test Questions from that subject area. This ensures that not only do you receive instruction in each of the FAA Exam Subject areas, but you will be familiarized with how the FAA will question you on those subjects. This review also makes certain that the class understands each subject fully before moving on to the next subject.

Approximately 80% of the subject matter for the AGI and BGI comes from the Commercial Pilot Knowledge and Private Pilot Knowledge areas. You will be in a combined Private/Commercial program, where you will review the majority of the information you need to pass the AGI or BGI Knowledge Exam. After the regular course is over on Saturday, you will spend time with our instructor, going over the Commercial Specific Knowledge areas. Constructing the class in this manner ensures that you will get very personal instruction going through the AGI or BGI Knowledge areas.

Class runs Saturday 8:00-6:00 and Sunday from 8:00-4:00.
Note: Commercial Specific information will be covered from 6:00 pm -7:30 pm Saturday.

Course Contents

The AGI exam contains 100 questions and the BGI exam contains 80 questions. These questions are chosen from 1000s questions in the exam database.  Most of the questions in the AGI and BGI  test database are shared with the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot (Most of which you have probably forgotten) with some additional questions, and steps. You are allowed 2.5 hours to complete the exam.

Topics covered include:

• Federal Aviation Regulations for Commercial Operations
• Aerodynamics and Aircraft Operations
• Navigation
• Aircraft Instruments
• Aeronautical Information Manual
• Aircraft Performance for Commercial Operations
• Weight and Balance Theory
• Low and High Weather Theory, Reports and Forecasts

Sample Question from the Test

You need to shift cargo from the rear cargo area to the front cargo area for a distance of 104 inches. The gross weight of the aircraft is 3600 lbs. How much weight would be needed to change from 94 inches to 92 inches?


Here’s how to do it. Multiply the distance shifted by the weight shifted, then divide this by the total weight of the aircraft. The result will be the distance the CG changes. Just make the substitutions and you got it!!.


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