Flight Instructor Refresher Course – $255 (Includes IACRA Renewal).

• Enjoy top-flight course presenters.

• Learn what’s new & what’s pending.
• Explore CFI liability & marketing issues.
• Experience being treated as an instructor, instead of as a student.
• Enjoy smaller class size, and courses offered more often.
FAA approved 16 hour format.
Saturday 8:00 AM – 6:00PM
Sunday 8:00 AM – 5:00PM
• Attend anytime during your 4 month renewal period and keep your current expiration month (this includes any time during your expiration month and the 3 months prior to your expiration month – the old FAA Ninety (90) day rule no longer applies. Example: Attend anytime from January 1 through April 30 to retain an April Expiration. Click here for a class date range calculator.

• All this for only $255


AVIATION SEMINARS has developed an FAA approved Training Course Outline (TCO) for Flight Instructor Renewal.  Our live classroom course is an interactive, dynamic experience that will keep you coming back for years to come. We offer over 175 FIRC courses throughout the United States and Europe.  As a participant in our course, you and the FIRC presenters discuss not only FAA required topics, but also the latest changes and training requirements that are important for every CFI to know. You will be involved in every facet of the course, and at the end, Aviation Seminars will process your FAA renewal application via IACRA that will renew your CFI certificate, saving you time from mailing or having to visit a local FSDO office.  AVIATION SEMINARS can renew your CFI certificate up to 3 calendar months before its expiration month – allow for a nearly 120 day renewal period.

Topics included in the course:

• Pilot Deviations
• Teaching Flight Safety
• Human Factors in Aviation
• Special Use Airspace
• Regulatory and Policy Changes and Updates
• Navigation in the 21st Century
• Loss of Control
• Technically Advanced Aircraft (Glass Cockpit)
• TSA Security Training
• Returning to Flight Instruction

Interactive sessions will also be included in the weekend, so that each instructor can be a part of the education process. These sessions include:

• Instructional Concerns
• Current Issues
• Instructor Liability & Professionalism

See you there!

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I have been a client since the mid eighties. I am always pleasantly surprised by the consistent professional people and service I receive - Daniel
I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks to Mr. Kim Barnes for the extra effort he put into this class last weekend. I have not actively instructed for about 10 years, but plan to in the near future. This course was exactly what I I have seen. He didn't just fill the squares with what was required; he really made sure that useful information was taught and learned. He is an outstanding speaker and knows how to handle a more 'seasoned' class. - Ron
To pass-on, I thoroughly enjoyed my FIRC this past weekend in San Antonio, Texas. Mr Bill Harms, of Kansas City, did a superb job both Saturday & Sunday. We had a great class of 20 CFIs, who were also a superb group of guys - a very diverse group. It was certainly great to see many of them still actively engaged & focused in 'flight instructing'. We still have a lot of 'old bold' pilots out there giving it their all. One fine gentlemen was in his late 70's (retired Air Force NCO/C-141 & C-5 Flight Engineer) still actively employed as a simulator flight instructor at Randolph AFB with Flight Safety. Also our retired Airline pilots and our younger CFIs added great value as well. All actively participated in Bill's discussions & lectures - no sleepers in our class. Bill Harms is just absolutely outstanding. He certainly holds a Doctorate degree in aerospace science. Great lectures on theories and how things really work. Bill is certainly one of the best FIRC instructors, I have had the privilege to seat through in both civilian & military academic instructor classes. To bad, our FIRC was only two days in length. Bill is a first class guy, a great instructor (Teacher) on a variety of aviation subject matter his attitude & love of 'Flight' is second to none. I will certainly be back in 2013 with Aviation Seminars, hopefully in the San Antonio area (unless you bring your fine FIRC into the Rio Grande Valley ???). Again, a great FIRC with an outstanding Instructor and a great class of 20 CFIs - a great weekend had by all. - Clifford
I just returned from my seminar in Wichita, Ks. I drove from Atlanta in one grueling 17 hour drive, so that the wife could spend time with the grandkids while I slept thru the class. At least, that's what I was expecting. Where in the heck did you find Bill Harms?!?! I wish I lived close enough to fork over some hard earned money to get some dual with that guy. The man is a freakin' genius. I was never bored, often fascinated, mostly awed, and generally impressed as hell. I would drive to Alaska to take his class again. I don't know how far to the southeast he will be going in 2014, but wherever it is, I will be there for his class. Please keep the guy stocked with whiskey and poker games, and whatever else will keep him happy and working for you. - Lou
The Aviation Seminar CFI Renewal session this weekend in Denver was excellent. Kim Barnes did and outstanding job facilitating the course! - John
Mr. Dave Butler, I just finished your seminar this past weekend in Allentown, Pa. I did enjoy the experience along with a group of nice people. Thanks for the opportunity. Instructor Dave Keck did a professional job with his presentation. I appreciate his expertise. Wishing you and your group much success. From: Dave Butler - Aviation Seminars To: Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2012 7:21 PM - Bob
Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the class. Bill Harms was great in presenting the topics. He explained several areas in a manner that my past refresher instructors avoided simply because they were not comfortable with math and science. After listening to his explanations and diagrams I feel it will be easer to explain some of the new tech equipment much better to students. Please let Bill know how I appreciated his presentation of this course. I will for sure be back in 2 years and hope he is still conducting them. - Steve
Finished the FIRC seminar with Pat Kissle this weekend in BHM. This my second time and I have gotten a lot out of each session. Keep up the good work and please thank Pat for me. To me this is the least painful way to renew of all available renewal methods. - Ken
Mr Butler - I attended my first FIRC this weekend in San Antonio, Texas, put on by your company. I am a 20 year US Air Force pilot, and have over 9 years as a military Instructor Pilot, the last seven of which I have been conducting primary flight training in the T-6A Texan II. I am retiring this year and hoping to move on to the airlines, but am also looking for opportunities to instruct locally and keep my skills up. I earned my Flight Instructor certificate thanks to the new military competency rule two years ago. I figured that I would probably be the only military instructor in the class, and I came ready to learn how to be a 'real CFI'. Bill Harms started the class by stating that this would probably be a little 'different' than other FIRCs. Having no other point of reference, I can't say how it may have compared, but I can say that I thought Mr Harms put on an excellent presentation. He is clearly an extremely smart man, and as a result is surely a gifted instructor. It was amazing to me to learn how many things I had always known, but didn't really KNOW, and to then be taught in a way that made some complex concepts clearly understandable. It was also an excellent exposure to many issues of new rules, procedures, and emerging technologies, as well as circumstances I am sure to encounter as a 'civilian' instructor. In short, I wanted to give you this feedback, that Bill Harms was an outstanding presenter at this FIRC, and that I will recommend, and likely return to Aviation Seminars in the future (preferably when he is teaching). - Matt
Wow, we were blown away by Capt Kim Barnes, what an awesome instructor. Kim was informative, engaging, interactive, articulate and humorous. Kim would stay during the breaks and lunch to answer questions and discuss issues with students. This is my fourth FIRC, one with AOPA by the way, and this was by far the very best FIRC I've attended due to Mr. Barnes. - Danny
Pat, I was surprised when the yellow card had appeared in my mail; I had never heard of your organization. I have been renewing my CFI through our instructor's organization seminars, then via the King course on DVD and lastly by internet over a very slow line. I was dreading renewal again, the internet and DVD renewals were a miserable experience. I wanted to write and say the seminar in Indianapolis was great ! Sixteen hours of classwork in two days can be a miserable experience, but you were great at helping the time pass and keeping it interesting. Thank You ! I found myself lacking in suggestions, but after thinking on the subject a few days I think what I would like to see the most is all of the changes in regs and procedures that have happened in the last 2-4 years. The part about what everyone is doing for weather services really helped since I have not been very active in the past four years, and I was glad to hear a review of the sport and recreational pilot instructor requirements. And the best part? Duh! Seeing a slide in the presentation with my airplane on it ! - Janet
I would like to express my appreciation for your professional and outstanding presentation of the CFI renewal clinic April 16 and 17th. Since I retired from the FAA in 1999, I have attended numerous renewal clinics and must unequivocally state that this was by far the best clinic to-date. - Jack

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