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What You Need To Know…

Until 2010, Aviation Seminars coordinated with local FAA Computer Testing Centers to offer our students the opportunity to take the FAA Exam directly after our class on Sunday. However, in late 2010, FAA re-engineered the exam, making it much more difficult. In order for Aviation Seminars to maintain our better than 95% first time pass rate, we did two things.

First, we discouraged students from taking the test on Sunday. While our students had very high success taking and passing the exam on Sunday after the class, our students had always scored better when taking the exam at anytime other than Sunday night. This was due to the long weekend and students unintentionally rushing through the exam to get back home. While the difference in score was usually only a couple of points, with the harder exam, those few points are important to passing the exam.

Secondly, we began offering online practice exams to be used as a final review after the class. Taking these exams after the class helps to boost the confidence of our students and gives you, the student, a chance to see if there are still any potentially weak areas that you may need additional help in. Identifying those areas will help us to provide you, at no additional cost, one on one phone tutoring to help you with those weak areas.

During the class Aviation Seminars will instruct you in both content and test taking strategies to ensure your success. We will also let you know how to schedule the FAA exam.

In 2020 PSI Exams, the FAA Testing Contractor, switched to a new registration system.  Book can now be fully accomplished online, but it’s a two part process.  First, you have to go to the FAA IACRA (https://iacra.faa.gov) website and register your self.  If you’ve already applied for a Pilot rating (Part 107, Student Pilot, Commercial Pilot or any other rating) you will already have an account.  From the IACRA website you’ll need your FAA FTN number.  

Once you have that number, go to the PSI website at: https://faa.psiexams.com and create an account.  Once that account is created follow the directions in the graphics below to register for the FAA Exam.

At the end of the Seminar, our instructor will supply you with the necessary endorsement for the exam you plan on taking.

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